BLAZE, It’s Our Shop, and it’s ON FAYA!

Yes that’s right, ON FAYA! This is where we get to have a little fun with our own designs & ideas. From Boho to Beer Drinkers, Deadpool to Dreadlocks, there is something hot for everyone.

BLAZE BUNNY is our super crazy bunny and you will see BLAZE on some of our gear doing some crazy stuff. Our artists constantly create fresh designs to fire up quality tees & hoodies. Just click to order and add to cart. Go to checkout and pay…simple!


1) Choose the item/s you want to buy from our online store and choose your quantities, sizes and add to cart.
2) The prices are what you see for each item.
3) We fire up your quality merch and ship it to your door.
4) You can track the parcel.
5) You receive the parcel within 14 days.

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CUSTOM REQUEST - We custom design & print absolutely whatever floats your goat!

This is where you get to brief us on any idea or design and our creative professionals will see to your every need to create your perfect hoodies & tees. Think about it, if you could put anything on any tee or hoodie right now, what would it be?

• It could an epic image or meme you found online and you just want us to print it on tees or hoodies!
• Maybe you have an awesome idea but don’t design or illustrate! We can help bring your idea to life.
• Do you have a design you found and want us to recreate or mirror the idea? Let us fire it up for you!
• If you have no idea what you want or where to start, no problem! Just fill in the dialogue box with some information and we will help you at every step.
• You can also find a ton of amazing designs and illustrations on Just right click and download the thumbnail image of the design you like and attach it in the briefing form.
We buy and edit the image for you if you need to.

The CUSTOM REQUEST is our custom creative order service. You tell us what you want and we quote you as each custom design cost depends on what needs to be done to get it right. A simple design layout or logo redraw is obviously cheaper than a full character illustration from scratch. Our professional creative costs are very reasonable and we ensure the highest quality in every design, illustration product and print.


1) Fill in the the CUSTOM REQUEST briefing dialogue box with as much information as you can and hit SUBMIT at the bottom. Tell us what you need. The more info you give us the better. Remember to attach reference image/s as it helps you explain what you need. Please include the garment type, colours, sizes and quantities.

2) Our creative professional receives an email with your brief and sends you an invoice for the design cost and full production cost of your order, garment & print included. Shipping cost is also included so you have your full cost up front.

3) If you are happy with the cost of the design and production of your order just hit PAY FOR THIS ORDER. No actual design is done until the order cost has been approved and paid for. Don’t worry about the design and creative side of things. We are here to get it right for you.

4) Our professional artist gets to work on your epic custom design and sends it to you for design approval. You can reply with changes and instructions if things are not exactly as you want them. Our artists are here to get your awesome art fired up properly before we print your gear!

5) When you are 100% happy with your design you reply to the mail saying you are approving the design to go to final production of your order. If you need to make changes just reply to the mail stating the changes you need. Only once you are happy do you send the final approval mail.

6) We fire up your quality gear and ship it to you within 14 days.

7) You can track the parcel.

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DESIGN TEMPLATES - The fire is almost ready! Just tell us how hot you want it!

Our talented artists have created some design templates to get you started on your journey to awesomeness. A blank canvas can be intimidating especially when there are so many possibilities. Just buy a template from our huge library of professionally designed templates and one of our creatives will handle your changes to the template personally.

Our DESIGN TEMPLATES are there for you to quickly choose a design and change it with one of our professional designers. You tell us what you want to change like the message in the text or the print colour and we make it happen for you.


1) Browse the different categories and choose what interests you. You then buy the DESIGN TEMPLATE you would like for a once-off fee of R50. You write what you would like to change on the your chosen template in the dialogue box. Be specific with which words you would like to change and which you would like to remove if that’s what you need. We can also add text if you need to.
2) Now click on the type of garment you would like your final template design printed on – Tees or Hoodies. To see what different colour prints look like on different colour garments, use our handy COLOUR GUIDE! This is just a colour guide! We print your final tees or hoodies with your approved design.
3) Now pull the sliders below on the Male and/or Female sections to select garment sizes and quantities you require. Click ADD TO CART and complete CHECKOUT.
4) You have placed your order and paid so we know what you want. Our creative professional receives your brief and responds with your awesome new design for your approval. You can reply with further changes if things are not exactly how you wanted it. We only print the order on your approval of your new design.
5) We fire up your quality gear and ship it to you within 14 days.
6) You can track the parcel.
7) You receive your order and smile.

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VISUAL EFFECTS - Set your photos & pics on fire with epic visual effects!

For a 50 bucks we can take your pics from zero to hero quickly and professionally. A simple shot can be transformed into a vector style poster or oil painting. There are various professional effects that you could apply to your image then print and frame. We can also take that newly lit image and print a wicked tee or hoodie for you!

Our VISUAL EFFECTS artists are constantly adding new effects to fire up your images.


1) Buy the VISUAL EFFECT you would like to apply to your image. Remember to write any special instructions in the dialogue box if you have any.
2) Attach the image you would like us to fire up, then hit ADD TO CART and proceed to CHECKOUT and make the R50 payment.
3) Our creative professional receives your brief and responds with your awesome new visual with the effect applied for your approval.
4) Once you are happy with the visual you hit APPROVE and we send you the final High Definition image that you could print as a poster, card or even better, let us fire up a wicked tee or hoodie for you with the new image. The final size of your new image is a High Definition RGB Jpeg @300dpi.
5) Have your new image printed as a poster by professionals or print at home.

If you love your new epic visual and want it printed on tees or hoodies, just send a CUSTOM REQUEST with your new image attached and instruction to print it on tees or hoodies. There is no design cost if you send your VISUAL EFFECTS pic for us to print. It will only be the actual garment and print cost. Awesome!

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We can print up to A3 (297mm Wide x 420mm High) in size for screen printing & DTG. We can resize a vector image to any size and still have crisp, clean lines. DTG uses a pixel-based image so the quality of the image is very important. We recommend your image be no less than 3000 pixel wide or 3000 pixel high. Basically a bigger and the better quality pic from you is ideal when printing DTG. We can only produce quality based on the image provided. We offer Visual Effects which also a great way to get your images looking good and we are able to make them bigger for a quality print. If you are not sure what the size & quality of your image, just open a Custom Order and we will advise you on the best route to get the best quality.


We have added the measurements to our garments for easy reference when finding the perfect fit. Some like it loose and others like a tight fit. We have quality male and female tees in a variety of colours and unisex hoodies to choose from.

See our size guide for the dimensions of our quality gear.


We are always up for a chat and we usually respond to emails within 24 hours. Do you have any questions about our professional creative or printing services? Have an idea for a shirt but not sure where to start? ADFIRE is here to help you on your creative quest for the most epic tees & hoodies.

Email Us


Is there a minimum quantity required for custom design & print?

There’s no minimum required to order our printed tees & hoodies – order one for yourself or 20 for your team.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your custom tees & hoodies will arrive at your door within 14 days from your approval on design and garment details. We can almost always fire it up in time so if you need your order by a specific date, please contact us.

What's the difference between screen printing and digital printing?

Your design is printed directly onto the garment using water-based CMYK inks much like ink jet printers print onto paper, the perfect choice for full-color images & photos. DTG allows maximum design impact with very little set-up time. Screen printing is the more traditional garment customization method. Each design is exposed onto individual fine-mesh screens using a light-sensitive exposure process. Then the ink is transferred to the shirt through the screen.

What affects my price?

There are a few factors that determine the price of your print.  Product: The reality is that hoodies are just more expensive than tees. Print Method: DTG gives you the best creative full-colour option so you can put anything on a garment. It is more expensive but the possibilities are endless. 1 Colour Screen Printing is a cost-effective method to give your tees & hoodies a personality of their own. Design: If you are using one of our awesome templates, 90% of the design work is done. You just buy the template & tweak it to your text, colour. Custom orders could be a simple logo redraw to vector which would cost less than a full character illustration.

Can you help me with my design?

Yes we can! Our professional custom design team lives for amazing design & offers great service when it comes to any form of design or creative execution. We personally help you create the design so that you are 100% satisfied before we fire up your gear. We also have a library of Design Templates making it easy to choose a design and change the text or colour to your needs.

Will my design be centered?

It is common practice for us to centre the design on tees or hoodies with the print starting about 5cm from the collar. We can print whatever you like wherever you like, you just need to be clear in your instructions on the briefing form.

What if I need a size or product not listed on your website?

Drop us a mail if there is a garment or product you would like to print and it is not on our site. We focus on wicked tees & hoodies but can print on anything. If you require any creative services feel free to contact us and one of our professional artists will get back to you.

Refund Policy

We are not perfect but strive to fill every order to perfection. If you are unhappy with any part of our service or product, please contact


ADFIRE is committed to providing quality products & services across South Africa and shipped to your door. Your order is usually produced & shipped as soon as all design details & garment details have been finalised and paid. Your order will arrive within 14 working days of final approval and payment.


Credit and Debit Cards

ADFIRE accepts Visa, MasterCard and most major credit cards. Remember to double-check your billing and shipping addresses to avoid delays with your order. Go on! Fire up a custom tee or hoodie!



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